Wellington Equestrian Agency is a real estate marketing agency that is dedicated to marketing equestrian properties throughout the globe. With the use of technology, advanced marketing techniques, and a collective array of tools and data, we are able to market properties in a way that is more advanced and targeted than ever before. Wellington Equestrian Agency is under the ownership and management of NewStyle Digital: the most popular and credible equestrian marketing and design agency in the business. Most popularly known for their work with top equestrian brands and riders such as Parlanti, Kask Equestrian, Kingsland, Personally Preppy, American Equus, and many more!


Our mission at the Wellington Equestrian Agency is to market equestrian properties aggressively, effectively, and with a technologically advanced approach. Collectively using skills, tools, and tactics acquired through extensive work in extremely competitive industries, we are able to market equestrian properties in a way that has never been done before. Teaming up with real estate agents real estate brokers, and private sellers, we aim to help our clients get their properties in front of the largest and most targeted audience as possible. Our goal is to help our clients sell their properties quickly, efficiently, and with a sense of style.

We Are Marketing Professionals

We are not a real estate agency, we are a professional marketing agency. Our expertise is in digital marketing, which include: search engine optimization, website design, data collection, mobile applications, print and media design, and public relations. Our mother company: NewStyle Digital is the driving marketing force behind some of the biggest names, brands, and riders in the equestrian world.

We Produce Results

We produce big results for many famous clients. We have created websites that receive millions of views each year, and we have built marketing campaigns for clients that bring them millions of sales dollars each year. We work in some of the toughest and cut-throat industries in the digital market, and we have proven ourselves time and time again. We are aiming to bring that same force to the equestrian real estate industry.